At Taos Mountain Energy, each of our bars is unique in taste, texture and experience, providing a delicious snack that’s actually good for you. When we start working on a new bar, we don’t think of the process as “creating a new flavor.” Our bars aren’t flavors – they each have their own stand-alone personalities. Every bar is the result of hundreds of hours in the kitchen, trying out new combinations of high-quality ingredients and tweaking the recipe until every batch is perfect. Sure, it would be easier to have a tasty “base formula” and spit out hundreds of variations of our most popular bar, but that’s not what we’re about.

Our bars aren’t concocted in a laboratory – they’re crafted in a kitchen by people who believe that taste is foremost and that, no matter who you are, or what you’re doing, you deserve to love what you eat.


Living in Taos, New Mexico, surrounded by big mountains and stunning vistas, we can’t help but always be thinking of our next adventure, whether it be skiing, mountain biking or crafting a new bar. Waking up under the gaze of sacred Taos Mountain serves as a constant reminder that we make up only one small piece of a huge, powerful system. We strive to make energy bars that are worthy of this place – bars crafted with adventurers and trailblazers in mind, bars with pure ingredients and unparalleled taste, bars that make you feel powerful and maybe just a little bit wild.

Taos Mountain inspires us daily to play outside, embrace our wild side and be the best version of our selves. This is our mountain, and we want to help you find yours.